2d mixed media

Jessica Ladd

In my current work I try to create excitement while ordering chaos. My paintings are comprised of subjects that are both realistic and abstract, on the edge between here and there. The work is a comment on both thinking and seeing, a study on trying to not see anything for itself alone, but as part of a whole.

My process is a mirror reflection of the finished piece with each step a part of a finished whole. The wood canvas is hand cut and crafted. Then each receives a series of treatments to apply a thin layer of paper texture before being oil primed. This particular series has an antique dress pattern layered in before I paint and sketch with pastels, charcoals and oil paints. 

As important as I feel my process is my strength lies in understanding the relationship between light, composition, and design. I feel each finished work displays a distinctive and timeless nature. I strive for a design of harmonious essentials that outlast the subject matter and are both warm and emotionally expressive.

Other Work