2020 Featured Artist

Richard Lorenz

Be the Bird

“In the realm of all things symbolic…birds and feathers have held a certain fascination for me.  My earliest drawings as a toddler were of birds and flying.  Indeed, I drew every kind of bird imaginable.  Self taught, working mostly in oils, I consumed the works of Audubon and other notable ornithologists both past and present.  With many awards and accolades along the way, 1998 was memorable with my winning entry in the prestigious Louisiana Duck–Stamp competition.

Birds have always represented a more ethereal realm of freedom and liberation.  Feathers have a long and illustrious history, beginning with the earliest of civilizations.  In Egypt for example, the feather represented the word ‘TRUTH’.  Just as Truth can ‘set you free’, feathers may give flight to the Truth within.

My series – ‘BE THE BIRD’ – is a whimsical bird’s eye view…of the real you.  There is only one Bird quite like you!”

‘You already have wings…BE THE BIRD’

Artist Work