After 25 years as a wholesale business owner, Cindy Aune turned her workspace into a studio to work as a full-time artist. Oxford, Mississippi is where Cindy Aune’s studio of whimsical faces and figurative works of art are created. Her large-scale canvas art is developed in multi-medium and layers of acrylic paint. She uses a random, textured and layered technique that gives a mystical vibe to her imagery.

Cindy Aune Curls

“Painting is the most frustrating and at the same time most exhilarating work I have ever done.”

Cindy Aune

Cindy works in an unrestrained and experimental method in her application of various colors. She often applies paint using her fingertips. Emotions are unique to the viewer, but it is easy to see that Cindy paints with emotions onto her canvases through good and bad days. Abstract fairytale, and dreamlike subjects have a melancholy yet playful feel to them.

The artist has a studio full of original designs ready for a new home and spends time almost daily transferring sentiment through strokes of paint. While the artist uses brushes, she is fond of applying it with her hands and fingers to feel the paint and apply it with immediate intention. 

Her artistic presence goes beyond the south though. She has participated in festivals and art shows around the country including Cottonwood Art Festival in Richardson, Texas. More of her creative paintings are located at three Mississippi galleries.  Caron Gallery in Tupelo, Southern Breeze Art Gallery in Madison, and Bozarts Art Gallery in Water Valley.  

Cindy earned the Award of Excellence at the Edina Art Festival in 2017. Find Various fantastically curious subjects of her art such as cirque, gnomes, figurative, faces, fantasy and more online: or follow the artist on Facebook and Instagram for more colorful collections.