Oil painter Betty Nash has announced that she is retiring from the festival circuit this year. Nash was first selected by a jury panel to show at Cottonwood Art Festival in October 1999 and October 2018 was her final farewell to festivals. Although Nash is a native Texan, she and her husband traveled to fine art shows across the country for decades.

“I’m a still life painter and I paint in oils. They are all originals. I set-up my own objects and stand there painting exactly what I see.”

Betty Nash

Nash originally studied with internationally known artist, David Leffel, who received the Oil Painters of America Gold Medal in 2015.   International Artist Magazine featured Nash as one of the “Master Painters of the World.”  Her dramatic oil paintings use the chiaroscuro style reflective of Rembrandt and Raphael that include a subtle use of shadows and light. Collectors are especially fond of the inconspicuous peppermints hidden within the realism and contemporary designs. All pieces are original works of art and no prints or giclees have duplicated the designs. 

“I am retiring from doing art festivals. It has been a wonderful, wonderful life and I have loved it. But you get to the point where you have to stop. So I’m just going to do the gallery bit and paint and hang them all over my walls. I’m really going to miss it but life goes on.” 

Find out more information about Betty Nash please visit her website at: www.bettynash.com or send an email to: jrn4@swbell.net.  Current collection of art are featured through the Mary Karam Gallery or Pat Waymon Gallery

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