Christopher Alan Smith, the illustrator and owner of Smith Map Studio, was one of the 250 artists selected by the jury panel for Cottonwood Art Festival. The semi-annual show was held the weekend of October 1-2, 2016 in Richardson, TX.

This was also the exact date that Texas Monthly released their monthly issue featuring Smith Map Studio. The two-page interview describes how he has always been a “map geek” and his childhood passion transitioned into a full career in 2008 after he held his first show and made $5,500 in sales.

Read the full article “Smith Map Studio – Go West – And East and North and South – Young Man.”

Connect with Smith Map Studio on Facebook or visit their website to see the dozens of hand drawn maps.

More information about the Cottonwood Art Festival is available at including a full list of the Artists by Media Category. Interested in applying for the 2017 Cottonwood Art Festival shows? This year marks the 48th anniversary and artists are invited to submit an application via ZAPP twice a year and must include booth photos and the $30 jury fee in order to be considered. #CottonwoodArtFest